About Us

Patricia Ploeger

Yoga, Ride, Barre, HIIT

Ayla Wilson

Yoga, Ride, HIIT Fusion

Kelsi Brooks


Kristi Mason

Ride, Hip-Hop Dance


Blair McHale


Kristan Smith


Chrystal Brannan

Yoga, Ride

Daniela Cruz

Yoga, Ride

Cassie Long

Yoga, Ride

What is OMCORE yoga + body?

OMCORE is a unique space in which you are encouraged to tap into your core being — physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. — so that you may genuinely connect with others and radiate your very best self to the world. Our class sizes are small enough for individual attention, yet large enough to promote a sense of camaraderie and support.  It’s the ONLY boutique studio in the Golden Isles area to offer HOT YOGA, OMCORE BARRE, and INDOOR CYCLE classes. We intentionally offer a wide variety of classes to bring ultimate strength, flexibility, and balance to the body, mind, and heart.

You are not alone at OMCORE.

OMCORE offers you a trusted tribe of teachers and a community of members dedicated to reaching personal goals and learning what it means to become the best version of themselves. The feeling you get from the time you walk in the door is like no other! With our attention to form, cleanliness, and detail, you can be assured that you are cared for in every way. In addition, our variety of yoga, barre, cycle, and core fusion sessions are tailored to your fitness goals and levels. Each of our heart-pumping Pure Ride, core-strengthening OMCORE Barre, and OM-azing Yoga classes end with a simple relaxation series to help you finally find your inner OM and leave feeling refreshed and renewed.